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Homebound Hero | PDX Community Mask Campaign

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

These less than certain times are intimidating. But it is in these times where humanity shows what it is truly capable of.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Portland community come together to generate solutions and we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. Grapevine Outdoors, Garden First Cannabis & Looptworks saw an opportunity to not only scale mask donations, but to help mobilize all the at-home sewers to make an even bigger impact. So we are calling anyone and everyone who has the means to give to get involved and to help bring masks to those who need them most.


In mid-March, Looptworks started shifting supply chain efforts to mask production following requests from local Oregon hospitals. Since then, they have produced masks and are in the continued process of producing additional for multiple hospitals nationally, in addition to the Port of Portland, Portland Fire & Rescue, United Airlines, New Seasons, New Deal Distillery, and many others!

However, with the recommendation for all people to now wear masks when in public settings, the task to not only scale mask production nationally but especially to provide wider access to masks for those individuals with roles on the front lines and and for low-income communities remain a challenge.

So Garden First, Grapevine Outdoor, and Looptworks— amongst other sponsors— have teamed up to help scale grassroots mask sewing efforts across the U.S.



Looptworks is continuing to produce up-cycled, reusable masks through their own supply chain, but they now have started offering DIY mask kits to help at-home sewers get the materials and instruction they need.

Partners like Garden First Cannabis, Hunter Distribution, Hopworks Urban Brewery, RRFF, and Mr Nice Guy are donating funds to cover:

  • The material & operations costs of these DIY kits for sewers who commit to volunteer sewing at home.

  • Finished masks for nonprofits and front line employees.

  • Campaign marketing for recruiting volunteer sewers.

Grapevine Outdoor is providing billboard space and assisting in marketing efforts.

All PDX-based volunteer sewers will be encouraged to donate their masks to Central City Concern— but for the sake of wanting to solve this problem on the national level, donation sites are at the sewer’s discretion.




Have the means to sponsor efforts? To sponsor both labor and funds needed to get finished PPE masks in to the hands of those that need them most at no charge. All funds go to subsidizing costs of finished masks for low income communities or essential workers or to covering material costs for sewers who will be donating their masks. Donate Funds Here If you are interested in making a large-sized donation, reach out to (501c3 donation available)

Have a Sewing Machine and Time to Donate? To help scale efforts rapidly, we are offering mask assembly kits to homebound seamsters willing to donate their time and effort to the mission.


Garden First and other donors have funded the cost of DIY mask kits for sewers who are interested in volunteering time. Our only request is that you donate the majority of your masks locally, wherever you are. And if you're in PDX? We're hoping you'll consider donating to our partner, Central City Concern.


  • Be a hero from home. Starting today, you can join in the fight to ensure that our communities are safely covered. Learn more about being a #HomeboundHero at and get involved if you can!

  • Calling all seamsters and homebound heroes wanting to help keep our communities safe. Join us in the fight to get PPE masks into the hands of those that need them most. Learn more at

  • Looking to help get masks to those who need them? You can help right from home. In addition to accepting monetary donations to offset production costs, we are offering mask assembly kits for homebound seamsters looking to donate their time and effort to our community’s mission.

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