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Greg Hero, our first angel investor, is a renaissance man, having immersed himself in many different careers in his lifetime. Some might call him indecisive - can’t figure out what he wants to do with his life. Those who know Greg aren’t surprised by anything he does. After first spending 25 years in consulting, Greg works at George Mason University as an Executive Director and Professor. 

Now, Greg has diversified into real estate, wine and weed. Sound crazy? Well it's not, especially if you know Greg. Greg is excited to enjoy the fruits, or flowers, of his labor!

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Phil Leon spent the first 25 years of his career helping build startups and new company divisions within existing organizations. During this time, Phil managed and mentored scores of people within the teams he developed who he to this day remains in contact with.  Since 2008, Phil has been working independently as an executive recruiter.  His success in business has come primarily by creating trusting and transparent relationships.  Implementing these same principles, Phil advises the Garden First team which has assisted them in their efforts to form and scale a vibrant organization with and for their colleagues, clients, and community. 


Phil has also prospered by finding his life partner, Tracy, a school teacher and devoted mother of two. He spends his time with her as well as close friends, extended family and his two children enjoying great food, diverse musical experiences, the exploration of the arts, sporting events, and every day pleasures.   


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Judith Silverman is a retired interior designer who specialized in renovations. She spent 13 years raising her two beautiful children before returning to work in the Washington D.C. area designing high-end kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. She now spends her time designing unique travel experiences for herself and her family in order to create wonderful memories—which she has come to realize is all one really has in the end.


Her interest in cannabis came after she suffered prolonged excruciating pain from nerve damage. Her doctor put her on heavy narcotics which did nothing to relieve the pain. After self-medicating with cannabis at the urging of her son, her pain became manageable and her quality of life returned. She has been an advocate ever since.

Susan Hero

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Susan has over 25 years of experience working with a number of the leading consulting organizations worldwide to provide strategy, management and information technology consulting services.  Under the umbrella of her own independent consulting firm, she has additional experience in brand marketing strategy and project management.  Recently, she was the COO for a nationwide payroll company, where she drew from her change management experience to successfully assimilate an entire other company, its employees and its clients into the current payroll company.


Susan spends her free time living the lake life which is where she finds balance.  She enjoys boating, fishing, and entertaining family and friends.  She is an avid dog lover and is involved in dog rescue and fostering with the Humane Society.  Susan loves the outdoors and also enjoys hiking, camping, and yoga.

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